Simply insert and measure pressure distribution by color density.

Possible analysis range from visual confirmation to computer analysis after digitization.

Prescale is the world's only film that measures pressure and pressure distribution. Areas where pressure is applied become red in response to the pressure and it is possible to check pressure magnitude and pressure balance. The eight models of Prescale cover a wide range of pressures from extremely low pressures to super-high pressures. The result obtained by Prescale can be not only used for visual analysis but also converted into numerical data for analysis on the PC.

You can view the large-size movie from the link below.
Prescale product video(WMV:7.4MB)

Enables anyone to measure pressure easily. Just insert between two surfaces.


Areas of the film where pressure is applied become red and the color density varies according to the intensity of the applied pressure. The density of red allows visual evaluation of the strength of the pressure. Also, scanning allows a quantifiable pressure map analysis to be performed.

  • Easy visual check

    Measure pressure by color density.
    Not just force at a single location, it measures the distribution of it.

  • Easy Operation

    No Power source required.
    Cut and fit any dimensions.

  • Easy Digitization

    Digitizing by scanner convert pressure density into quantifiable values

  • Higher Quality

    Compared to estimating pressure from the results of trial or actual production runs, measuring pressure with Prescale enables accurate mechanical setting and adjustment.

  • Higher Productivity

    Since mechanical device setting and adjustment, as well as switching between production items, can be performed based on measurement results; these take less time and have fewer defects.

  • Troubleshooting

    Even if a defect occurs, mechanical and device states can be checked by measuring pressure and pressure distribution; using Prescale to quickly investigate the cause of the problem.



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